Thursday, March 16, 2017

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Healthy decisions you should make during your lunch break

As a nurse, I get a very short lunch break but understand the value of making every minute of my day count.  Below are some great preventative exams that you can easily fit into your luck break so don't neglect your health!

1 Pap smears: while guide lines are changing regarding the frequency of Pap smears, they are an important test you don't want to miss.  Even if you are of an age where you have “graduated” from Pap smears it is still a good idea to have regular pelvic exams to check for vulvar and other vaginal cancers.

2 Mammograms: most ladies of child bearing age should have an annual mammogram for early detection of breast cancer. Most breast cancer is treatable when detected early. Don't forget the self exams.  Most easily done in the shower.  Feel the breast in small circles for lumps or bumps.  Also visually inspect for any dimpling of the skin or drainage from the nipple.  Early detection saves lives

3 Dental visits are important for more reasons than pearly white color.  A dentist will inspect and clean your teeth but also exam your mouth for any oral cancers.  Especially if you are a smoker, vape or chew, yes I've met women that do.

4 Eye exams don't take very long and ensure you have good vision for driving, reading and other daily tasks. Checking for cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration on a regular basis can ensure you have healthy eyes as you age and that you can enjoy the normal activities of daily living for a long time.  Don't skip it! And oh, the frames they have now. So many stylish frames, with glare protection.  Your glasses can be a great fashion statement.

5.  A good foot exam is very important especially if you have diabetes.  Tell your doctor immediately if you have burning, tingling or numbness in your feet.  Visually inspect your feet for calluses or breaks in the skin that can cause infection.  I see patient every day that lose a toe or Part of their foot because they had neglected the numbness in their foot and couldn't feel a skin break that quickly became infectious.

6.  Know your numbers! Have your annual bloodworm drawn.  Checking your blood sugar, cholesterol, thyroid, urine, vitamin d and vit b12 are all great tools to check your overall health.  A good phlebotomist can draw you in just a few moments and you’’ll be able to return to work in a flash.

Make your lunch break count!!!

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